Cressi Ellipse Black/ MC5 Scuba Diving Regulator

The MC5/Ellipse Black combination delivers an exceptional price to performance value. A trimmed down version of the MC9 first stage, the MC5 uses the same innovative technology, but in a compact package great for all-around diving.
The lightweight hyper-balanced diaphragm first stage is armored in a protective elastomer shell and uses a self-lubricating jacketed cylinder to prolong service life.
The Ellipse Black delivers smooth breathing, incorporating the natural advantage of the elliptical diaphragm.
First Stage
-Advanced air flow design and a special assistance chamber keep pressure drop to a minimum upon inhalation for maximum flow during high-demand.
-Self-lubricating, jacketed cylinder for superior performance and less-frequent servicing.  
-Lightweight body is armored with an impact resistant elastomer shell.
- High pressure seats (HP) 1
-Low pressure seats (LP) 3
-Sintered filter provides larger surface area to trap impurities.
-Weight of MC5 with INT yoke:  550 g.
 Second Stage
-Large, elliptical shaped diaphragm provides a natural mechanical advantage for easier breathing yet feels streamlined and unobtrusive.
-Dive/pre-dive adjustment switch manages Venturi effect to prevent free flow at surface.
-Internal heat exchanger helps reduce freeze-ups in cold water.
-Elliptical casing uses a fold out opening and instant cam-lock closure for fast access and maintenance.
-A special folding diaphragm is uses a large, computer designed regulator lever.   
-The second stage case can be quickly separated from internal components for faster, easier maintenance