Cressi Back Jac Buoyancy Compensator for Scuba Diving

The Back Jac BCD is the professional back-inflation model in the Cressi BC line. Features a high capacity rear-inflation air cell with elastic retainer straps to reduce volume and aid deflation. Durable 500 Cordura is used on the outside with 420 on the inside.

Offering the highest lift capacity of any Cressi BC, the Back  Jac's rear-mount air cell expands outward and never interferes with the  diver’s freedom of movement.

Ideal for cold water divers, it uses a combination of abrasion  resistant 500 Cordura and 420 denier nylon for maximum durability with  minimal weight.

An elastic restraint system for the air cell and new flat-style Lock-Aid System integrated weight system both minimize drag.

Constructed of heavy-duty, durable materials
Three over pressure relief valves
Four stainless steel utility rings
Lock-Aid weight integration system

Lift Capacity     XS  13.3 KG  29.2 LBS
Lift Capacity     SM  13.3 KG  29.2 LBS