Cressi Frog Plus Open Heel Scuba Fins, Pink - XS/S

A wonderfully forgiving fin, the Frog Plus works well with an undemanding, fluid kicking style and is an excellent choice for new and infrequent divers.

The blade extends from the top of the foot pocket and has a progressive flex pattern for optimal energy transfer during each kick.  Armored elastomer side rails help direct water flow down the blade and improve durability. 


-Progressive flex pattern maximizes energy transfer through the kick cycle

-Ultra-soft inserts channel water down the blade for maximum thrust

-Highly durable blade material resists aging, wear and abrasion.

-Elastomer foot pocket improves comfort

-Blade extends from the top of the foot for increased surface area

-Elastomer side rails improve water flow and boost durability

-New quick-release buckles lock heel straps securely in place

XS/S Men's 5-7, Ladies 6-8

S/M Men's 7-9, Ladies 8-10

M/L Men's 8-10, Ladies 10-12

L/XL Men's 10-13, Ladies 12-