Pelican 2740 LED Flashlight

Compact, reliable headlight for harsh conditions - the 2740 LED Headlight features 3 LEDs, two white and one red. The red LED is very useful for preserving your night vision and the dual white LEDs produce up to 66 lumens of brilliant white light. A low level mode provides extended run time of 21 hours. Designed with weather resistant casings which also allows for fast and easy battery change.

SWITCH TYPE:  Push Button

LIGHT MODES:  High / Low / Flashing


BATTERY TYPE:  Alkaline 



VOLTS:  4.5 v

    BODY: PC
    LENS: PC
    SWITCH TYPE: Push button, high and low modes
    MODES: High/Low
    O-RING: Over-molded TPR

    The Pelican Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
    PELICAN PRODUCTS will continue to guarantee the product, directly, for a lifetime against breakage or defects in workmanship. This guarantee is void only if the PELICAN product has been abused beyond normal and sensible wear and tear. The above guarantee does not cover shark bite, bear attack, or children under 5.